A robotic device for three-dimensional manipulation over the internet

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Conference Proceeding

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Proceedings of the ASME Design Engineering Technical Conference

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The PumaPaint site has been allowing users to create paintings remotely over the Internet since 1998. Although this site allows for some artistic creativity, the task is inherently two-dimensional and lacks any real manipulation capability by the remote user. On a similar theme but with much higher complexity, we are creating a robotic device that will allow true, three-dimensional manipulation by the remote user with an added capacity for force control and kinesthetic feedback. The robotic device will be a roughly anthropomorphic pair of limited degree-of-freedom mechanical hands arranged in mutual opposition. We are designing these hands by building parametric models using AutoDesk Inventor® and then fabricating the components in our sparsely equipped machine shop. This paper will preset the design concept and details of the modeling process, plus how this process is informed by our fabrication capacity. The paper will also present the partially completed robotic device and discuss remaining obstacles to completion.


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